Carrie's Confections

Sweet things are my specialty!



   Cake Bites    

Cake Bites are $18 a dozen. They come packaged in a styrofoam egg carton, so they are easy to store in the fridge, and easy to carry to your party or event.




Don't see what you want in the Photo Gallery? Send me a picture of something you like, and let's chat. I can make just about anything from a picture. Or at least so far...haha! Challenge me!

Please contact me for cake pricing.  Pricing is dependent on the number of servings and the difficulty of the cake, decorations, filling, and choice of buttercream icing with or without marshmallow fondant details.  I would love to answer any questions that you have.



Cupcakes start at $1.50 each. Again, price depends on flavor, icing, and decorations.