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Sweet things are my specialty!

Cake Bites  


Cake Bites are just that...bite size morsels of moist cake dipped in a delicate shell of chocolate coating. You bite into the chocolate shell.... your teeth sink into the moist, rich cake center. The flavors collide on your tongue, the crunchy chocolate coating meets the sweet softness inside. 


Cakebites are an exciting change from cupcakes and a unique alternative to traditional desserts. They are great for weddings, showers, parties, brunches, or desserts. They are best served chilled, so once you get them home, pop them in the fridge until party time! They can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three weeks, if they last that long! (Never at my house! )

These bits of heaven are about the size of a donut hole, and are sold by the dozen. You pick your favorite flavor, dipped in your choice of white or milk chocolate.



(Dipped in your choice of white or milk chocolate)

Devil's Food



Butter Pecan

French Vanilla

Chocolate Fudge









Red Velvet - Rich, moist, red velvet cake just like Grandma used to make,
covered in white chocolate

German Chocolate - Rich, dark chocolate cake with coconut and pecans, covered in

Peppermint Candy - White cake with just a hint of peppermint, covered in white
chocolate mixed with crushed peppermints....the shell is to die for!!

Mounds Bites - Delicious creamy coconut cake made with shredded coconut,
covered in chocolate – tastes just like the candy bar!

Dreamsicle - Citrus orange cake paired with white chocolate coating, giving
your taste buds the sensation of the frosty icecream treat

Cookies and Cream - White cake with Oreo crumbles covered in white chocolate. Like a milkshake, but it won't melt....except in your mouth!

Piña Colada - White cake with coconut cream pudding, pureed coconut and dark rum flavoring covered in white chocolate.

Amaretto Divine - Moist yellow cake made with pudding and Amaretto liqueur
covered in white chocolate. It's truly divine!

Cinnamon Swirl - Cinnamon spice cake covered in white chocolate...brings to mind a warm cinnamon roll covered in frosting

Italian Cream - Vanilla cake with coconut and chopped pecans covered in white
chocolate. Molto bene! (Very good)

Pecan Spice - Tastes like pecan pie or a praline (a Texas favorite!) covered in your choice of white or
milk chocolate

Pumpkin Spice - Just like the Thanksgiving tradition…covered in white chocolate

 - These two go together so well.....sounds like a sundae.....very delicious!

 Cheesecake Brownie - Brownie batter with creamy cheesecake swirls. Chocoholics beware....this one could become an addiction.