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About Me


My name is Carrie Auldridge.  I am originally from Austin, Texas. I moved to College Station in 1998 to attend Texas A&M University, where I graduated in 2002 with a degree in education. I then moved to Fort Worth, where I taught third grade at Castleberry Elementary and North Elementary for a total of 6 years. I loved my job, but in May of 2008, I decided to stay home to take care of my then 5 month old son, Garrett. I have been married for 9 years to my best friend, J.T., who is a highway design engineer in downtown Fort Worth. We are blessed to have two beautiful children, Garrett and Tara. We are members of Normandale Baptist Church, located on the west side of Fort Worth, and are blessed with a wonderful church family. I work daily on becoming a more fully-devoted follower of Christ. I am amazed by His grace and mercy. I am so blessed!

I have always loved to cook. I remember as a young child, sitting on a stool in the kitchen "helping" my mom.  At the end of these lessons I always seemed to end up with a  sticky face and fingers, holding a batter-covered beater. But, I learned a lot, and I loved it!

In high school, I cooked dinner once a week for my family, coached - once again - by my mom. I learned so much, and my love for cooking grew. This made me very popular in college, especially once I had an apartment and a kitchen. A home-cooked meal is hard to come by during those college years!!

After college, I started taking cake decorating classes. I loved it, and I found I was a natural at the precise, detailed nature of decorating cakes. I have been making cakes ever since.

I love a challenge, so if you have a flavor, or an idea you would like me to try, just let me know. Send me a picture of a cake you would like...I would love to have the opportunity to make it!